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  • Why IMR?   In-Mold Release Foils (IMR), many people asked what IMR is or what’s IMD? IMR meaning In-Mold release Foils, and IMD meaning In-Mold Decoration.  IMD included: IML:In Molding Label, IMF:In Molding Fi...
  • Answer: Our design team and R&D department is here to bring your idea to reality and would be happy to work with you. We are experienced in IMR product design, and IMR production.
  • Answer:? Not really. When you have high volume, the product using IMR technology is more cost effective. In addition, the customer also have shorter production time since the molding and film transferring occur simultaneously. There ...
  • Answer: You would need an IMR mold, injector, film feeder and the film to go with it.? We can provide all these equipments and films.? Alternately, we can be your OEM, and produce the product for you as you wish!
  • Q: I like the IMR technology, but can I use my current mold ? A: To use the IMR technology, the IMR mold is made differently from the traditional mold. The mold’s movable side is cleared out for the film transfer application. Th...
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